A mini-rail adventure

Thanks to Andrew Reid for letting us know about this new commuter train service - currently the only opportunity to sample rail travel in Uganda!


Airport shuttle from Entebbe to Jinja via Kampala

Jacques writes: A new daily shuttle service from Entebbe International Airport to Jinja via Kampala has started. It's called Pineapple Express. It's safe, swift, comfortable and affordable at US$22 Entebbe-Jinja, US$12 Kampala-Jinja or US$10 Entebbe-Kampala. To find out more or make a booking, visit  or call 0787992277.

News from Kampala

Andrew Roberts, 7th edition updater, writes: The Kenya-bound Easy Bus, which used to leave from Oasis Mall, now runs from the nearby Akamba Bus premises on De Winton Road. Very convenient for the City Annex hotel up the road. As planned, Red Chilli Hideaway shifted to smart, new, purpose built premises in Butabika in September. … Continue reading News from Kampala

August 2013 trip report

Geoff Wellard writes: Money With few exceptions, prices far higher than current edition, late 2009 accommodation +50%, food > double, transport, whether public or private too. MasterCard still very limited throughout country. Best still to change as much as possible at Forex bureaus in Kampala – can often up rate with a bit of encouragement, … Continue reading August 2013 trip report