Sesse Islands Tour Guides Association

Kay writes: I would like to let you know about a secret gem we discovered and wish to recommend for inclusion in future editions of the book. While on Bugala island, one of Uganda's Sesse Islands, we were tipped off by a fellow traveller about the Sesse Islands Tour Guides Association. They offer a range of … Continue reading Sesse Islands Tour Guides Association

Recent trip report

Pim writes: The past half year I stayed a total of 5 months in Uganda of which I was approximately one and a half month travelling in that country. Here I will share some of the experiences I had during my travels and I shall provide some information and updates to the Bradt Travelguide, that … Continue reading Recent trip report

Ssese Islands Guide

Siegfried writes We met in February 2013 in Lubotoka (near Kalangala) a very nice and knowledgeable guide: Abraham Thomson. He speaks a fantastic English and can show you everything that’s interesting on the islands. On his website you can find contact details and all its services: We would always go with him.

Uganda trip report, June 2012

General: - Maestro/MasterCard can be used with any Stanbic ATM, the limit per withdrawal was 250kS (250’000 Shilling), even if sometimes higher limits were stated on the screen; in my experience only one withdrawal per day per ATM, just try the next one for another withdrawal (mostly they have several) - Attention: Travelers Cheques are … Continue reading Uganda trip report, June 2012

Ferry from Port Bell to Ssese Islands

The MV Amani does now regular trips between Port Bell and Kalangala (check out She departs every Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday at 8 in the morning and reaches Lutoboga at 11:30. The next day MV Amani returns at 14:00. Costs of this trip are: Port Bell – Kalangala Ferry: 20,000 for economy and 50,000 first class … Continue reading Ferry from Port Bell to Ssese Islands

Updates from Andrew Roberts

Some useful updates from Andrew Roberts, who put together the 5th and 6th editions of Bradt Uganda, follow: General As of  August 2011, the Uganda shilling is billed as the world’s worst performing currency.  Bad news for Ugandans but great for tourists paying in shillings.  I used a rate of Ush2000 to the $ when … Continue reading Updates from Andrew Roberts