Ewan’s updates

In the summer last year I led a fund-raising cycle trip from Entebbe to Kisiizi hospital near Rukungiri.  Your guide book (6th ed) was invaluable in the planning and once we were there.

A few comments and suggestions
You don’t mention the car ferry and numerous small boats that cross from Entebbe to Lulongo.  We hired a boat with outboard for 12,000 USh which easily took us and 4 loaded bikes. This is an ideal way for cyclists to escape having to cycle to and through Kampala and could be used by cars as well.  I only found out about it on a blog.
A good reason to stay in Mityana is it is 50 miles from Entebbe by bike if you cut through on dirt roads, crossing the Masaka road at Mpigi and going to Muduma
You say on page 348 “the Katonga Tourist Lodge (if it still exists)” in Kabagole.  I can say categorically it does not.  It is firmly closed and has not been open for some years according to the locals.
Ibanda.  No one knew of the New Ibanda Lodge when we asked around.  We stayed at the MK Resort Garden Hotel, which is about ½ a mile out on the Mbarara road on the right.  It was better than where we had been staying previously, with hot showers and reasonable food.  It was 51,000 USH for a single room. and I think 65k for a double, all en-suite
Ntungamo was a convenient stop for us, though others may not need to.  Two places to stay are Kama Inn on the main road and Benhills Guest house on the right up the hill opposite Radio Ankole. Benhills was 55k for a single room en-suite.
If you do put in anything about cycling, I would recommend advising against cycling on the Kampala- Masaka road as it is very busy and narrow.
The Fort Portal road from where we joined it to Kyegegwa was good cycling.
Kyegegwa to Ibanda was a hard day as it is 75 miles on dirt
Ibanda to Mbarara is a pleasant cycle on a tar road and not busy.
south of Mbarara towards Kabale the road is old and narrow but not to busy.

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