Supermarket on the Kampala-Gulu Road

Cameron writes: We were travelling up the Kampala-Gulu Road this morning and stopped at the Kabalega Diner for a coffee. We spotted a new building next door and went in to discover a very well-stocked supermarket (for Uganda). Whilst picking up stores for the next leg of our road trip, the enthusiastic and effervescent owner, … Continue reading Supermarket on the Kampala-Gulu Road


Kampala restaurants

Joseph writes: Kyandondo Rugby Club has the best grilled pork (Muchomo Embizi) anywhere in Kampala and perhaps Uganda. I have tried many and this one has the right seasonings & it is not overcooked like so much of the meat in Uganda- it is always juicy and always fresh and plentiful. $5,000 per stick. There … Continue reading Kampala restaurants

Nile Backpackers, Gulu

Joseph writes: Newly opened in October 2018 and still developing, Nile Backpackers ( stands around the corner from Gulu's popular Serenity (formerly Sankofa) Cafe and has 4 ensuite rooms, 2 dorm style rooms with 4 beds each and 2 tents. However the ensuite rooms have a touch of luxury with AC, TV and nicely furnished rooms … Continue reading Nile Backpackers, Gulu

No activity fee charged at Sempaya Hot Springs, Semliki National Park

The Uganda Wildlife Authority today announced the good news that it will no longer charge an activity fee for the guided nature walk to Sempaya Hot Springs in Semuliki National Park. The only fee that will be levied for the guided hike to the springs is the entrance fee, which currently stands at US$35 for foreign … Continue reading No activity fee charged at Sempaya Hot Springs, Semliki National Park

Tour Slums For A Cause, Kampala

Seru Nasser of Tour Slums For A Cause writes: Tour Slums For A Cause (formerly Real Life Slum Tours) offers tourists exposure and awareness to the poorer suburbs of Kampala District and to enjoy the local life and culture. Our tours explain the history of these slum areas and include visits to family outreach programs, community … Continue reading Tour Slums For A Cause, Kampala