National Memory and Peace Documentation Center (NMPDC), Kitgum

Ioana writes: In Kitgum, I found an incredible Memorial to the Conflict in Northern Uganda that I would recommend to future travellers. Set in a building built by the US Marines, this  newly launched museum is a memorial to the brutal war that devastated Northern Uganda between 1986 and 2006. The decades-long struggle between the Lord’s Resistance Army … Continue reading National Memory and Peace Documentation Center (NMPDC), Kitgum

Northern Uganda trip report

Mark writes: I thought I'd provide a little feedback. If you're not the one doing updates of the book, perhaps you can forward it to whoever is? I rented a Landcruiser VX from Alpha Rentals in Uganda, then drove a loop around the North, to the Sudan border north of Arua, across to Kidepo, then … Continue reading Northern Uganda trip report