Various updates

TRAVELLERS CHEQUES Do NOT take TRAVELLERS CHEQUES to Uganda. Stanbic bank no longer cash them apart from possibly in Kampala or Entebbe.. The only bank I saw on my travels that advertised cashing travellers cheques was Crane Bank in Kabale and there was a 13% penalty on £ sterling versus cash and about 8 % on US$. … Continue reading Various updates


Lodge and campsite reports

Entebbe Airport Guest House is a firm favourite 120,000Ush triple, 100,000Ush double and 65,000Ush single. Very comfortable rooms, lovely garden, good food and congenial atmosphere. Mubende Had lunch at Nakayima Hotel. Almost instant service (but they did have a seminar running) quite tasty beef and rice and a soda for 4200Ugsh. Kibale Forest & Crater … Continue reading Lodge and campsite reports