Echuya Forest, Lake Bunyonyi and Kigeyu Swamp

Fred Hodgson writes: In March 2015 I returned to Echuya Forest for more birding and added other locations close to our lodgings on the western tip of Lake Bunyoni at the small and simple Heritage Camp at Muko. We did a side trip to Kigeyu Swamp which was very rewarding. This swamp is formed as the … Continue reading Echuya Forest, Lake Bunyonyi and Kigeyu Swamp


May 2014 trip report

Leon writes: Masaka - Ten Tables The Ten Tables restaurant seems to have converted into a rooftop pub, serving basic pub food rather than the mentioned three-course dinners. Lake Mburo - Eagle's Nest Indeed Eagle's nest is good value. Basic tenting with beds and shower having great views over the park. Lake Bunyoni - Arcadia … Continue reading May 2014 trip report

Uganda trip report, June 2012

General: - Maestro/MasterCard can be used with any Stanbic ATM, the limit per withdrawal was 250kS (250’000 Shilling), even if sometimes higher limits were stated on the screen; in my experience only one withdrawal per day per ATM, just try the next one for another withdrawal (mostly they have several) - Attention: Travelers Cheques are … Continue reading Uganda trip report, June 2012

Accommodation at Edrisa (Kabale)

The Home of Edrisa in Kabale Town has accommodation as of January 2012. It is in a converted family house in a strikingly peaceful environment, with a fully equipped kitchen, a bathtub and other amenities. Prices from Ush 20,000 to 50,000. More info on their website or contact +256 75 2558 222. Also worth a look is … Continue reading Accommodation at Edrisa (Kabale)

Sara & Adrian’s updates

We've  just spent several fascinating weeks travelling round Uganda (mainly by public transport) & have enjoyed the experience & using the guide. Below are a few thoughts/comments/recommendations: edition. 1. Re minibus-taxis, I'd say that the law of 3 passengers per row is strictly enforced in Kampala but did not find that to be the case … Continue reading Sara & Adrian’s updates