Uganda trip report, June 2012

General: - Maestro/MasterCard can be used with any Stanbic ATM, the limit per withdrawal was 250kS (250’000 Shilling), even if sometimes higher limits were stated on the screen; in my experience only one withdrawal per day per ATM, just try the next one for another withdrawal (mostly they have several) - Attention: Travelers Cheques are … Continue reading Uganda trip report, June 2012

Various updates

TRAVELLERS CHEQUES Do NOT take TRAVELLERS CHEQUES to Uganda. Stanbic bank no longer cash them apart from possibly in Kampala or Entebbe.. The only bank I saw on my travels that advertised cashing travellers cheques was Crane Bank in Kabale and there was a 13% penalty on £ sterling versus cash and about 8 % on US$. … Continue reading Various updates