Mount Elgon trip report

  Wil Resing writes: I did an Elgon trek in February 2015. Five days, dry weather, hardly anyone in the huge national park. No tents needed. On page 266 you wrote "Once on the trail there is only hut for hikers ...". But I have seen the Sasa Camp hut (looked new, but it was closed), … Continue reading Mount Elgon trip report


Jinja, Mbale & Mt Elgon updates

Thanks to my co-author Andrew Roberts for these latest updates: Jinja The Deli has moved to a new site at the western end of Main Street. The new location, which is part of the Post Office building, has a large street frontage which is obviously the place for local expats and volunteers to hang out.  They do … Continue reading Jinja, Mbale & Mt Elgon updates