Independent travel to Kidepo

Joseph, a researcher who regularly visits Kidepo, writes:  TIps for travelling to Apoka Rest Camp: Fuel:  If self driving, fill up in Kitgum or Kabong depending on which way you are coming.  Carry extra fuel with you.  (25 liters should be enough to get you out of the park to the nearest station). In a … Continue reading Independent travel to Kidepo


Sara & Adrian’s updates

We've  just spent several fascinating weeks travelling round Uganda (mainly by public transport) & have enjoyed the experience & using the guide. Below are a few thoughts/comments/recommendations: edition. 1. Re minibus-taxis, I'd say that the law of 3 passengers per row is strictly enforced in Kampala but did not find that to be the case … Continue reading Sara & Adrian’s updates

New UWA fee structure

As of 1 July 2011, the Uganda Wildlife Authority implemented a fee structure that increases entrance fees for National Parks by around 15% and institutes new fees for various unguided activities such as US$100 for birding in Semliki or US$80 for hiking on a trail in Mgahinga.  Please click here for the full 2011-2013 tariff structure … Continue reading New UWA fee structure