Road to Kidepo

An anonymous reader sends the following update info:

We drove to Kidepo from Sipi in 2 days. The first day we drove to Kitgum, via Lira (11 hours) and the second day made the final drive to the bandas in Kidepo in 4 hours. After three nights we drove back via Kitgum to Gulu. Road conditions were ok up to 30 km before Lira (they are working on the dirtroad at the moment from Soroti), Lira to Kitgum is pretty bad, Kitgum to Kidepo even worse. You need a 4×4 and dry season. And it is safe (we even drove at night); there are a lot of people walking on the roads nowadays.

They are also converting more bandas to self catering, so you can use your own bathroom instead of waiting for the huge elephant called “Bull-bull”
to pass by and is waiting in front of the showers. Do not go to the hotsprings
there, a lot of Tsee Tsee and not much to see. Kitchen use is 10.000 a day for the gas. There are plates and pans available for cooking. And there is constant electricity in the bandas. No hot water.


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