New UWA fee structure

As of 1 July 2011, the Uganda Wildlife Authority implemented a fee structure that increases entrance fees for National Parks by around 15% and institutes new fees for various unguided activities such as US$100 for birding in Semliki or US$80 for hiking on a trail in Mgahinga.  Please click here for the full 2011-2013 tariff structure … Continue reading New UWA fee structure


Various updates from Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts, who updated the 5th edition, has forwarded me a few odds and ends - 1. The ‘turn left’ and ‘turn right’ for getting to Mweya in Queen Elizabeth National Park are mixed up (p. 289) and in #4 (p. 285) 2. We camped in Katonga wildlife reserve last weekend with the goldings, a new experience … Continue reading Various updates from Andrew Roberts