Overland entry to Uganda on EAC Visa

Fred writes In principle, the East African Community (EAC) visa for travel in Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda allows multiple entries into these three countries for the duration of its a validity, provided you only enter the EAC (which also includes Burundi and Tanzania) once and then travel within the EAC. I quote from the relative … Continue reading Overland entry to Uganda on EAC Visa


Summary of recent visa-related news

This is a summary of recent developments on the visa and immigration front: a) As of 22 July 2016, the cost of a single-entry visa to Uganda has been reduced from US$100 back to US$50. So far as we can ascertain, the cost of an East African visa issued in Uganda remains US$100. b) All visitors to … Continue reading Summary of recent visa-related news

visa costs

Andrew Roberts reports that the cost for a Ugandan visa has gone up to US$100. Oddly, the cost is the same for a Uganda single entry visa, a Uganda multiple entry visa, and a combined Uganda-Kenya-Rwanda multiple-entry visa.

Visas on arrival

A revised flight schedule during the European winter means that British Airways and KLM flights now both arrive at Entebbe Airport around 10.30pm at night causing congestion at the visa counter.   Visitors should balance the relative demerits of a tiresome late evening queue against a trip to their nearest Ugandan consulate to obtain their … Continue reading Visas on arrival

Passport & visa requirements

Andrew Roberts has just alerted me to a new ruling that, with effect from 1 June 2011, all visitors to Uganda's passports are required to have at least one year of validity remaining from the date of entry. Also, please note that irrespective of the duration of the visa granted, immigration often stamps the passport for a shorter … Continue reading Passport & visa requirements