Flavie Galtier’s updates

Hello! My name is Flavie GALTIER and I went to Africa with my friend Jean for nearly one month. We had your book for Uganda and we wanted to tell you what had changed since the book was written.

On page 75: a standard single-entry visa, valid for 3 months, costs US$ 50 and not 30.

On page 138: to go from the airport to Entebbe it’s US$ 10 (as example we have paid Ush 15,000). To go from the airport to Kampala it’s US$ 30. The bus from Entebbe to Kampala it’s Ush 2,200.

On page 145: on the 1st of March2008, Hotel Fiancée has changed their prices: Ush 24,000 for a double room instead of US$ 12 on your book. Motel Rome: there is no hot water.

On page 164: now admission for the Kasubi Tombs is Ush 10,000 instead of Ush 3,000.

On page 182: now admission for the Entebbe Botanical Garden is Ush 2,000 instead of Ush 1,000. And admission for non-residents in the Uganda Wildlife Education Centre is now Ush 15,000 instead of Ush 10,000.

On page 199: Sand beach resort: now the price of a double room is Ush 30,000 instead of Ush 26,000 and the breakfast is not included. You have to pay Ush 3,000 more for one breakfast (for one person). Church of Uganda Resort is now called Nabugabo holiday center. You can see the new prices on http://www.nabugabo.com. Now there is a third resort between those two. The price for a double room was Ush 60,000 but the girl told us we could negotiate with the “chief”. It was too much for us so we haven’t asked for more details.

On page 201: the ferry leaves promptly at 14.00, arriving at Lutoboka at 17.00 not 15.00! To go from one side of the island to the other side it is Ush 15,000 with a boda-boda and there is no other choice. The ferry goes from Bakataka only when he is full so the one we were waiting in Luku (the 12 o’clock one) arrived at 14.10 and went away at 14.45.

On page 219: Maboya Inn: it’s Ush 20,000 for s/c dbl with hot water. On page 315: Palace View Hotel: it’s Ush 30,000 for a s/c room dbl, included breakfast.

On page 319: Kabarole Tours: one day to the Kibale Forest to track chimpanzee it’s Ush 305,000/person if you are two. It’s more if you are only one. We didn’t find the prices were very reasonable! On page 333: Kabarole Tours: now all shared tours are unscheduled. You can see five crater lakes and Mahoma falls. It’s Ush 120,000/person if you are two. It’s more if you are only one.

On page 349: now the road west to Fort Portal (between Fort Portal and Mubende) is in good condition (well surfaced and with no pot-holed). We have made it in less than two hours with minibus. On the road east of Mubende to Kampala there is some pot-holed and 30km before Kampala the road is horrible. Nakayima hotel: now the prices are Ush 35,000 s/c dbl with one big bed Ush 25,000 s/c dbl with two beds Ush 20,000 dbl with two beds with shared facilities. Shared facilities are not very clean and some of the girls are not friendly at all! We were very disappointed of this address. But meals are not very expensive (around Ush 3,000). On page 350: Mubende Hill: now tourists have to pay Ush 3,000/person to see the tree and for people from Uganda it’s only Ush 500 for adults and Ush 200 for children.

On page 370: For the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary we haven’t found a day trip from Kampala under US$ 140/person! Now there are six Rhinos in the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary: 4 from Kenya and 2 from USA. There are 3 males and 3 females.

On page 399: minibus-taxis between Jinja and Kampala cost Ush 4,000. On page 408: Victoria View Inn: good address. On page 411:

Source of the Nile: admission is now Ush 5,000/person instead of Ush 2,000!

On page 415: for the Bujagali falls, there is an admission of Ush 3,000/person.

Thanks – Flavie GALTIER


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