Batwa Experience near Bwindi NP

I've just been sent the following info about a new 'Batwa Experience' at Bwindi National Park: The Batwa pygmies communities of Kanungu (part of kigezi) found near to the Bwindi Impenetrable National Park under their umbrella organisation called Batwa Development Program have started a fascinating authentic experience that is called ''The Batwa Experience''. On this … Continue reading Batwa Experience near Bwindi NP


Nyundo Community Initiative, Bwindi

Hi Philip Just wanted to let you know that your book has been a great help during my 3 months travel through Uganda. Here is a tip for anyone headed to the Buhoma entrance at Bwindi NP. 6 km before reaching the entrance gate there is a small community called Nyundo Community Initiative and it … Continue reading Nyundo Community Initiative, Bwindi

Maria Garvey’s updates

Firstly thank you for an excellent guide, which I took on my first visit to Uganda recently. There are only a few minor comments/suggestions I would like to make. As background I come from Australia and travelled on a couple of tours, firstly with Geckos Adventures/Wild Frontiers to Lake Bunyoni and Bwindi, then with Red Chilli … Continue reading Maria Garvey’s updates

Bwindi AMAGARA project

I am a VSO volunteer who has recently started working in Bwindi (Uganda) for a community vegetable growing project and thought that it might be of interest to your newsletter readers who are visiting the area. Below is an overview of the project. WHAT IS BWINDI AMAGARA? In 2006 Bwindi Advanced Market Gardeners’ Association was … Continue reading Bwindi AMAGARA project