Nyundo Community Initiative, Bwindi

Hi Philip Just wanted to let you know that your book has been a great help during my 3 months travel through Uganda. Here is a tip for anyone headed to the Buhoma entrance at Bwindi NP. 6 km before reaching the entrance gate there is a small community called Nyundo Community Initiative and it is definitely worth a visit whether that be a few hours or for days. The community has created six ecotrails that walks through several aspects of rural village life, cultural sites and spectacular views towards both Rwanda and DRC. If accomodation is wanted it is in cirkular mud houses made from materials all found in the local area and local food is included. The community also has initiated a local organization for the orphans in the community and so includes 220 orphans that are being helped to stay in school etc. I admit that Nyundo is a long distance from most things if you are not headed for Buhoma Bwindi, but I promise it is worth it. The head of communication in Nyundo, Herbert Banobi, can be reached via email: banobih@yahoo.com but give him a few days of notice since there is no electricity in the villages so emails are only checked when at work. Another note is about Natures Prime at Lake Bunyunyi. They have the best Crayfish Masala around the lake, and the service and accomodation is the best I have seen so far.

Iben Bolund Nielsen


One thought on “Nyundo Community Initiative, Bwindi

  1. Antonio Gatti says:

    When I was in Uganda a couple of years ago I met a reliable and smart ranger who was working hard to open his own gorilla tracking tour agency; after two years, a lot of paperwork and overnight work, David has finally managed to open; he offers tours through standard tracks but with a twist, most of them requiring a certain experience and including a bit of adventure; may be worth checking it out: http://www.gorillatrackingtours.com

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