Nyege Nyege Festival, Jinja

Arlen writes: I an one of the organizers of the Nyege Nyege Festival, which takes place at the Nile Discovery Beach Resort in Jinja, in 10 acres of lush forest on the river Nile across 4 stages for 4 days non-stop. Over 300 musicians congregate from all over the world over the course of the festival, … Continue reading Nyege Nyege Festival, Jinja


Weaverbird International Artist Village, Masaka

I was also recently informed by the creator of the project of the detail around each of the individual components of the project. I understand that with a lot of guidebooks the information needs to be brief - but here is an overview of everything. This includes: 1. Weaver Bird International Artists Residency - a center that is to host and … Continue reading Weaverbird International Artist Village, Masaka

Rubona Basket Weaver’s Association

Just returned from a trip to Uganda and wanted to highly recommend readers go to RUBONA (20 km south of Fort Portal and 40 km north of Kasese on the Fort Portal-Kasese Rd) to buy very beautifully made, fair-market raffia baskets. There are all types and sizes of baskets and they are expertly woven and … Continue reading Rubona Basket Weaver’s Association

Straw Bags in Kampala

We were in Kampala a couple of months ago and visited an initiative in Kiniwataka that makes and sell bags made out of recycled drinking straws. They collect the straws from the coco-cola bottling plant, wash and flatten them and women weave them into panels in their homes which are then stitched into really lovely … Continue reading Straw Bags in Kampala