Camp Ndegeya, Masaka

Collin Sekajugo of the Weaver Bird Arts Community wrote to say: I wanted to  inform you that CAMP NDEGEYA - Sculpture Park is now open to the general public.  It is conveniently located a little off the Kampala-Mbarara Highway 3km from Masaka where the growing community for the Arts (Weaver Bird) is based. For inquiries … Continue reading Camp Ndegeya, Masaka


Weaverbird International Artist Village, Masaka

I was also recently informed by the creator of the project of the detail around each of the individual components of the project. I understand that with a lot of guidebooks the information needs to be brief - but here is an overview of everything. This includes: 1. Weaver Bird International Artists Residency - a center that is to host and … Continue reading Weaverbird International Artist Village, Masaka

Rubona Basket Weaver’s Association

Just returned from a trip to Uganda and wanted to highly recommend readers go to RUBONA (20 km south of Fort Portal and 40 km north of Kasese on the Fort Portal-Kasese Rd) to buy very beautifully made, fair-market raffia baskets. There are all types and sizes of baskets and they are expertly woven and … Continue reading Rubona Basket Weaver’s Association

Straw Bags in Kampala

We were in Kampala a couple of months ago and visited an initiative in Kiniwataka that makes and sell bags made out of recycled drinking straws. They collect the straws from the coco-cola bottling plant, wash and flatten them and women weave them into panels in their homes which are then stitched into really lovely … Continue reading Straw Bags in Kampala