Lira & Karuma Falls

Jozef writes: Lira: The Washing Bay on Kwania road offers excellent Indian Food in a halfopen open setting. The people of Otinaa Wa also run Pathfinder a small café with garden in town on Ireda road a couple of hundred meters beyond Gracious Palace hotel out of town. Karuma Falls: These falls at the east … Continue reading Lira & Karuma Falls


New filling station at Bytale

Andrew Roberts writes: Travellers driving themselves between Kampala and northern Uganda will be pleased to note a new Shell filling station at Byetale, between the Kafu and Karuma bridges. Hitherto, the road north of Luwero was a petro-desert, the next Shell stations occurring in Gulu (200km away), Lira (200km) and Arua (350km). There are of course … Continue reading New filling station at Bytale

Mission to Lira

Mission to Lira Regional Referral Hospital: In August 2013, Volunteers4Humanity, a nonprofit charitable organization, will provide free medical and dental care to Lira Hospital. Included in this visit will be Dr. Walters-Dentist, Dr. Betre-Gynecologist, Dr. Louis Walters-Anesthesiologist, Dr. Noel-Surgery and Dr. Rutger-Family Practice. Surgical support will be provided by Ed, Rebecca, Tony, and Jennifer. For … Continue reading Mission to Lira