Independent travel to Kidepo

Joseph, a researcher who regularly visits Kidepo, writes:

 TIps for travelling to Apoka Rest Camp:
  1. Fuel:  If self driving, fill up in Kitgum or Kabong depending on which way you are coming.  Carry extra fuel with you.  (25 liters should be enough to get you out of the park to the nearest station). In a pinch, you can get fuel by the litre in Karenga (usually!).
  2. Plenty of extra water.
  3. Lip balm, aloe, sunhat, sunscreen and lotion.  It is a desert here!
  4. Headlamps, solar power phone charger or power banks, solar powered light for Banda after 10pm there are no lights. Electricity in Apoka Camp is based on sometimish generator and solar.  A 6 port strip plug to plug in recharge your several devices.  Getting an open outlet at Apolka can be a real challenge!
  5. Call ahead to the camp to make food reservations, especially if a large group. I usually stop along the way to purchase a couple of live chickens to be sure they have what I want to eat!  Ask for Daniel the Chef, who prepares surprisingly delicious meals. Of course also call ahead to make room reservations.  0392-899-500.
  6. Bring snacks, spirits and drinks of your preference.  Choices at the rest camp are limited to water, several beer brands, Coke and sometimes Fanta.
  7. Kidepo still does not use the Electronic Park Pass Card system so bring cash to pay for all park fees.   Bring plenty of cash as the nearest ATM machines are Kaboong and Kitgum.

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