Lodge and campsite reports


Airport Guest House is a firm favourite 120,000Ush triple, 100,000Ush double and 65,000Ush single. Very comfortable rooms, lovely garden, good food and congenial atmosphere.


Had lunch at Nakayima Hotel. Almost instant service (but they did have a seminar running) quite tasty beef and rice and a soda for 4200Ugsh.

Kibale Forest & Crater Lakes

Nearby Chimpanzee Guest House is in lovely situation looking over tea estates and the NP. The bandas were lovely with 2 large beds and great view but pricey at 120,000. Simple adequate meals. We might camp here if we return hiring their camping equipment.

CVK resort seemed very run down and they did not want us to see the bandas, no one seemed to be staying.

Nyinabulitwa Country Resort and Safari Camp is a new resort on the south side of Lake Nyinabulita (0712984929,0732291577, e info@ninabulitwaresort.com). It has 5 very pleasant new bandas with one double and one single bed and a family banda situated on a lovely green area with very pleasant dining area looking over lake. The price of $120 FB seemed excessive despite pleasant location Lake

Nkuruba Nature reserve. Cottages: s/c $50, others $36, bandas $16, seemed welcoming and clean with a reasonable menu. We liked the forest trail

Primate Lodge, Kibale had bandas at $120 but other accommodation at $240 double FB EA rate seemed a bit high.


Katara Lodge situated on top of the escarpment looking down over the Rift valley and the Park. Very well designed bandas, one can roll the bed out onto the balcony and virtually sleep under the stars, solar heated water and good privacy, the bathtubs seemed somewhat excessive. Very pleasant restaurant and bar area. We just had lunch there but enjoyed our brief stay. http://www.kataralodge.com Nearby on north side of road they are trying to start a basic resort by a crater lake.


Nyunza Ebiri Campsite, Bunyaru Guru, run by Burungi David, 0772863399, 0752863399. They were very enthusiastic but the walk to the shore of the lake and the little hut required some skill at climbing and not slipping. Road from Mbabara to QENP in good condition.

Rupert Gude


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