Various updates

Do NOT take TRAVELLERS CHEQUES to Uganda. Stanbic bank no longer cash them apart from possibly in Kampala or Entebbe.. The only bank I saw on my travels that advertised cashing travellers cheques was Crane Bank in Kabale and there was a 13% penalty on £ sterling versus cash and about 8 % on US$. On arrival at Entebbe airport nowhere open when I arrived would take them
New Tree Shade hotel opposite Crane Bank USh 10,000 much better value than Edirisa where the single room is the smallest I have ever come across. Chicken Tonight does excellent liver and chips and good place for cheap eats and drinks
Nam hotel on Bishop Wills street USh 12-16,000 near taxi park good value
Zanzibar hotel USh 10,000 (s/c) nice and clean and looked better than Freedom.  Walking down the main street Zanzibar is down to the left. If you are there on the first Friday of the month then there is a big market. Take the track out of town past the Zanzibar past the hospital (forking right) and after about 20 minutes you will find it in a big field with the market. If you are there the night before head up there in the evening for roast pork (also beef and goat) and warm alcohol. If you have a strong stomach you may also visit the slaughter place and watch the slaughter and butchering of cows and goats – it is a little before the market in a field on the left (if going towards market). A few doors past the Zanzibar the Humana is a good place to eat. The police in Kitagata are very friendly and helpful
If you stay here Wendy’s on Liberation Road (parallel to the main road and at the Mbarara end) is decent place to stay and eat. Rooms USh 15 (shared) -21,000 (s/c) but they will discount to 10/14,000. They are happy to cook items off menu but you need to arrange in advance
On Mutanda Road (behind the main road) going down the hill from the Golden monkey are a number of cheap lodgings  with perfectly acceptable rooms and facilities. I stayed at Sunset (USh 6000) as nearby Hillbarn although having nicer rooms was a bit noisy at night from the disco). Also good pork available from the back of Sunset
Magis Guesthouse (USH 10,000)
In addition to share taxis to Kampala from the taxi park you can also catch frequent mini bus taxi’s to and from Nanteete if you are heading to or from Masaka and the South West and avoid going into Kampala.
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    • philipbriggs says:

      No idea Michael but it also seems to be the case in most neighbouring countries that Visa is the most widely accepted card. I suppose we should be grateful that, unlike a few years back, there are ATMs that accept any international cards.

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