News from Kampala

Andrew Roberts, 7th edition updater, writes:

The Kenya-bound Easy Bus, which used to leave from Oasis Mall, now runs from the nearby Akamba Bus premises on De Winton Road. Very convenient for the City Annex hotel up the road.

As planned, Red Chilli Hideaway shifted to smart, new, purpose built premises in Butabika in September. It offers dorms, rooms with shared facilities, s/c rooms, camping and a swimming pool.

Following a rash of construction work, the Backpackers Hostel on Natete Road appears to be divided between budget accommodation on one part of the site while the old communal area has been converted into a pizzeria and bar/club open to the general public.

Whilst visiting the new Red Chilli, I learn that they advise travellers to take matatus/taxis from designated stages and parks rather than standing on the roadside and flagging down a vehicle. This follows reports of commuters boarding taxis undesignated points, driven off their intended route and robbed.  Similarly, don’t take a boda boda home from a bar or nightclub. Take a special hire taxi, ideally one recommended by the management.Getting on the back of a motorbike with a stranger late at night is asking for trouble.

The legendary Al’s Bar on Ggaba Road is no more. It is now called Deuces.


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