Some public transport tips

Public transport: We’ve just spent 3 wonderful weeks in Uganda, mostly in the west of the country, using public transport. Others have mentioned how full taxis are, and the lack of safety features. I’d like to add that it’s useful to ask a Ugandan to recommend/phone a taxi as the drivers we found through personal recommendations were always the best. Many drivers run on near-empty fuel tanks and will stop for petrol during your journey. They often ask you to pay for the fuel, so before you give them the money, ensure that it will be deducted from the price you agreed.

We used boda-bodas (motorbike taxis) a lot and they were fine.

The post bus running to and from Fort Portal to Entebbe (and everywhere in between)is cheap, comfortable, and reliable. Other buses don’t tend to depart until they are full, so if you are one of the first passengers on board, be prepared to wait.



One thought on “Some public transport tips

  1. Diary of a Muzungu (@CharlieBeau) says:

    It’s quite normal to ‘run on empty’ so don’t be alarmed if you find yourself in a a filling station as soon as you get in a car / taxi or even bus!

    Boda bodas are great, BUT….

    Always use 1) someone who is recommended 2) someone from a boda ‘stage’ – not just some random guy flying past 3) discriminate: go for the oldest looking guy. Forget about being PC or being nice, put your safety first and don’t go with the guy who almost runs you over in his rush to be the first to pick you up 4) agree your fare upfront (ask a local how much they pay!) 5) wear a helmet if you can and lastly 6) if you smell alcohol on his breath, don’t be afraid to jump off! (Has happened to me twice).

    I’ve had great fun on bodas but accidents are v common – and the drivers usually run off leaving you to fend for yourself. Emergency services are private and thus few and far between and healthcare is unpredictable… have fun but be aware of the risks.

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