News from Home of Friends in Kapchorwa

Daan from Home of Friends in Kapchorwa writes:

I felt it was time for a little update from our side. 


The situation with rooms at Home of Friends is: 
8 rooms & a 3-bedroom house 
From the 8 self-contained rooms, 5 rooms are single/double, 2 rooms are twin and 1 room is a triple. You can download prices here:


Over the past years we have further developed our tour offer (guided hikes and cultural experiences), with a focus on the untapped and beautiful corners of Kapchorwa and Kween District. 

These include the following:

Ndorobos Trail (2-3 day) If you like to explore untouched nature and indigenous cultures, you can do without luxuries for a few days, and you’re ready to hike 7 to 8 hours a day, then the Ndorobos Trail is made for you! In two or three days, you will hike through the remote upper belts of Kween District, a place of green and unspoiled beauty. With waterfalls, caves and amazing viewpoints. Guide David, a cultural expert and Community leader, will engage you in the authentic and healthy life practices of his Ndorobos people. Our boda driver will drop and collect you for this activity. You will spend the night(s) at David’s homestay.

Kalenjin Wilderness Hike (6-10 hours) Walk into the wilderness of the Kapchorwa lower belts. Learn about the Kalenjin culture while you beat the challenging shepherd trails. Enjoy the spectacular and surprising beauty of Sirinda viewpoint and Cheptoi waterfalls. Are you in for some real adventure? Start and end point: Home of Friends Guesthouse.

Kapchorwa Nature Walk (2-3 hours) Do you want to take it easier? Discover beautiful waterfalls, natural caves and spectacular viewpoints just outside the gate of our guesthouse. Connect with the friendly locals. Start and end point: Home of Friends Guesthouse.

Kapchorwa-Benet Trail (6-7 hours) A spectacular 17km trail for the trained hiker! Our guide takes you to untouched waterfalls, village farms and splendid viewpoints. Starting point: Home of Friends Guesthouse. Our boda driver will pick you from the endpoint of this trail: Mengia waterfall.

Sipi Falls Hike (1-4 hours) Visit the stunning Sipi falls and enjoy the roaring waterfalls, lush farms and magnificent views. Our professional guide fully engages you into his/her community. Our van can drop and pick you up in Sipi Falls. 

More details and prices can be found on our website:  

Run Kapchorwa 

Since 2020 we are promoting running & adventure tourism with Run Kapchorwa, our newest social enterprise and Home of Friends affiliate, please see: 

Major Community objective is to create training and employment opportunities for Kapchorwa youth through athletics and adventure tourism. 


Since 2021 we sell Run Kapchorwa merchandise, local produce (honey & coffee) and Kitenge crafts in our shop. 

Profits go to our Run Kapchorwa / From Coach to Coach initiatives.


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