Kikonko Lodge, near Hoima

Stefanie Pollender of Kikonko Lodge writes:

Kikonko Lodge is a new lodge perched on top of the escarpment of the Albertine Rift overlooking Lake Albert. By day, breathtaking views of Lake Albert and the Blue Mountains of the Democratic Republic of Congo are guaranteed. At night our guests will be enchanted by the million lights, lit up by the local fishermen, that dance on the Lake Albert.

At Kikonko Lodge we offer our guests a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Hospitality is what we live for and so we try to make every day a perfect day for our guests. Our cottages are spacious and come either as a single, double or twin room. Families can be accommodated as well. Each room has extra-large windows, a wooden veranda and a comfortable bed that faces the lake so that you can enjoy the view straight from your pillow. The cottages are built with local materials by local people and exude an African atmosphere that is combined with modern chic.

Meals are served from a spacious restaurant and you can cool off in a swimming pool adjacent to the bar area.

For further details, please visit our website and check out our reviews on TripAdvisor at


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