William Street hotels in Kampala

Garfield writes:

I just wanted to give a bit of feedback on the two William Street hotels featured in your latest Uganda guide. I stayed at both during the last couple of weeks

My girlfriend and I were staying at the Aponye. We locked our door and went out to eat for around 2 hours, on our return we discovered that my girlfriends locked day pack had been stolen, when we reported this there seemed to be a real couldn’t care less attitude from the staff on duty. As the room was locked it could only be a staff member who did this. This theft took place on 21/02/2015. We reported this to the manager when he was next on site he took note of all we said, but never got back to us with an update which he promised he would.

Due to the theft we moved over the road to the Pacific which has now rounded there prices down to 60,000 shillings for a double only 10,000 shillings more than the Aponye. The quality of the room was far superior and the staff far more friendly and helpful.

I would strongly recommend anybody to choose the Pacific over the Aponye


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