Latest news from Lira

Ian Baird-Smith writes:

I would like to update the entry for Lira. It is a busy town, but not really on the way to anywhere. My wife and I have spent 2 years here and have some extra recommendations.
Roads to Lira are now good from Kamdini and from Soroti, but the road between Soroti and Mbale is very poor.
Personal safety seems to be good with no particular issues to warn about.
Internet and food are best at Sankofa Cafe, on Kampala Road opposite Mayor’s Garden. This is by a long way the best cafe in Lira, serving excellent burgers at 9,000, pizzas at 10,000 to 23,000 for a huge family sized with everything, samosas are the best bargain at 3000 for a meat and 2000 for veg, both are the largest and best we have had in Uganda. Ice cream is also available. Internet is in comfortable surroundings, with WiFi at reasonable rates and there is satellite TV as well. Also it has a generator, so a good place to go during power cuts.

Mid range hotel is Kanberra just along from BP guesthouse on Oyam Road. Singles 60,000 doubles 80,000 rooms are en suite, food is good and generally about 12,000. WiFi available and generator.

Another restaurant worth visiting is Prince Restaurant on Bala Road. This serves Indian, Chinese and African dishes. We have checked out the Indian dishes and they are good, as you would expect when it is run by Indian people, and full meals with drinks come to about 20,000 each.

Shopping, there are many supermarkets and the best two we have found are Pari on Main Street and New Lira on Olwol Road, near the bus park. The Parth mentioned is no longer very good and has changed its name. There is a new market being built on the site of the old market, expected to be completed during 2013.


2 thoughts on “Latest news from Lira

  1. Volunteer Jones says:

    Thanks for the update. Our medical mission,, will be traveling to Lira this summer. Thus the information you posted is welcomed. Please feel free to make comments on our webpage. Volunteer Jones!

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