Pop Up Cafe, Kampala

Aliine Lotman writes:

I am the manager of  a small community café in Ntinda (Kampala) that was created last year to support the employment possibilities of young Ugandans with special needs. The idea is to be a platform where young people with disabilities can have their first working experience, in order for them to become independent and find jobs in other locations. If you are interested, I can send you a lot of information on the birth and growth of the café, but let me just give you a brief introduction first. The place is called Pop Up Café and is located just around the corner from Ntinda New Market, making the café a nice quiet (something I learned to appreciate highly while living in Kampala!) place where to relax with friends or work from your laptop (for which we provide free WiFi). All our coffees are in-house roasted and originated from Mt Elgon. As well as our a-la carte menu and Ugandan-style lunches, we offer cooking classes for groups who wish to get a hands-on experience with some of Uganda’s most famous street foods: rolex, samosas, etc. Plus we are just starting to fill the weekends with Luganda lessons and chess lessons. There are also movie nights, jam sessions, reggae parties, and craft markets taking place occasionally. To keep an eye on our event schedule, or check our menu, our Facebook page is the most convenient means: http://www.facebook.com/popupkampala


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