Volunteer opportunity at Bujagali Falls

Ann Chawner writes:

“Hi! I would like to tell you about a great opportunity at Kyabirwa which is only a mile away from the wonderful Bujagali Falls and 3 miles from Jinja town. There is a low cost volunteer project which was started by one of the teachers at Kyabirwa Primary School to help develop the school. It’s a slow and ongoing process but it has made an incredible difference to the school. Exam results pass rates have gone up 20% in the 2 years since it started. Anyone of good heart can volunteer there. Have a look at their website which has MASSES of info on it. Not only have I been there and returned and will return again, lots of other vols have too. Even if you don’t want to volunteer you can still stay in their accommodation which is part of the deal and cheaper than you can get elsewhere plus it includes food and it’s safe there cos you’re living with the senior teacher and his family. Lots of single women have gone there on their own. You get your own room by the way. Not a dorm. So even without volunteering you’re still going to get a REAL experience of Africa. It’s a great experience. For more details, visit www.volunteerugandaschool.org


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