Trip report from Lisa Marsden

Just back in from a fantastic trip to Uganda. Don’t think my guests realised exactly how lucky they were with their wildlife sightings and gorillas. Two shoebills on day 1, 4 different sets of lions in 4 different trees in Ishasha. (we got different lions in different fig trees on every game drive we went out on!) We even saw 8 week old cubs right up in a sycamore fig. Clearly, its mother had taken it up there in her mouth. Teaching them from an early age. The cubs, (one a male) were very nervous on our arrival at the tree, in fact, we did not even see them because they were so small. One of the cubs jumped down the other (the male) was too scared. It called and called and finally mom jumped up into the tree to be close to it. In all of my years visiting, I have never been so privileged so see this spectacle. She was clearly teaching them about tree climbing. Unbelievable sightings. Gorillas were good as per usual. R were a hop-skip from the park headquarters and Buhoma Lodge. A very easy walk (if at all) with the band lying under a huge fig tree – eating! Following day, the H group was a good 2 ½ hour trek out to locate them. We found them in a very dark, dull part of the forest, clearly still on the move looking for food. They were not impressed to have us behind them and continued to walk, making viewing very challenging. Nice to know that whilst they are habituated, they are still wild animals. On the gorilla front, today see’s UWA launch the 8th habituated gorilla group – Oruzogo who are based in the Ruhija section of the park. Today, visitors can pre buy permits for this group as well as start to view them. Businza of the Rushegura gorilla group has a new infant. It’s about 7 weeks old now, the gender is still to be identified. This takes the R group up to 20 individuals.

Regards, Lisa Marsden (


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