Nshongi Camp, Bwindi

HI Philip,
first of all, thank for your Uganda guide, it was our bible in our travel around uganda.

I want to do a small review of the camp where we have been, In your book you write just few lines saying “it’s opening a new campsite, i don’t know how it is” or something like this.

Now that campsite is finish and open, and we have been there begin of september this year.

The campsite is Nshongi Camp, in Rushaga, south of Bwindi, where is possible to track the Nshongi and (from august) the Myshaia one.
I just found out that they have a website nshongicamp.altervista.org where you can find prices and other infos

This place is located 5 mins walking from the gate of the National Park in Rushaga where the UWA visitor center is. (it’s the place where the Gorilla tracking start) and it’s a very good base for people doesn’t want to wake up very early for rush from Kisoro for be at 8am for the Gorilla tracking.

Nshongi camp, is a 3 double bandas camp, is possible to camp with your own tent. I suggest to book, because they don’t have many beds.

the place is beautiful, few meters from the rainy forest, here is possible to birdwatch and monkey spotting just from your banda.

In the evening the campfire under a sky full of star in great.
The bandas are clean and the restaurant offer simple but great food.
For dinner they serve a 3 corse meals, we never saw this in Uganda.
they can provide lunch pack for the day of the tracking.

We loved it, infact we stayed one day more than we were supposed.
Silver the manager is a great birdwatcher and is very helpful, infact, after our gorilla tracking we got the diploma, but it started to rain and the Diploma became wet, the day after he decided to go to the UWA office and ask a new one for us. also he introduced us to the Batwa community for free.

I believe you understood we were very nicely impressed about this place and we would like you to add it to your guide.



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