Gorillas, chimps & mongooses

Hi, just returned from Uganda having done both CHEX and Gorilla trekking. Both were great but and I know it is sacreligious to say this but the CHEX (Chimpanzee Habituation Experience) at Kibale was the highlight (probobly the best holiday activity I have ever done)- to be with chimps through their entire daily cycle is something very special.
See a clip here!

The Bradt Guide was very accurate- readers should look out for the banded moongooses at Mweya and a researcher who is very informative. The lodge at Mweya was great but I did get Tumba Fly eggs in my back and Mweya was the only place where I had washing done- so readers should check that they iron all clothes to kill eggs etc.

Central Inn at Entebbe is very noisy- something to keep in mind if you choose it for a rest before / after a long flight.

Mark Williams


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