Uganda Reptiles Village, Entebbe

Thanks to John Addison of Wild Frontiers for the following:
When you meet someone called “Snake“, you may wonder how he got that name and why.

Well, Wild Frontiers Uganda has a “Snake”, who works for us as a boat guide on Lake Victoria.  A good young man, he has taken his hobby, of snakes and reptiles, a step further and branched into Tourism, with the help of Paul Goldring and the Uganda Team.

He and Paul have an almost unhealthy love of snakes( !! ), and have been talking about this for years – Snake managed to get hold of a nice piece of land, on the edge of the village near Entebbe, and was investing every cent he earned in making cages, toilets, parking areas etc – and of course catching a lot of snakes in the village and surrounds to keep people from killing them. We helped where we could – a bit of funding, advice, transport etc .and of course marketing, so other operators will make use of the area as a stopover etc.

I was up there a while ago, and it is amazing what they have produced – a well run, clean, educational facility which is a great tourist attraction – and we have a few more ideas for him in the area, as the birding is great there too for Papyrus specials. What impressed me was how Snake has used the facility to educate the community on snakes – school groups etc. Now instead of killing snakes, people know to call him so he can identify them, and remove them if they pose a danger.  All the “good snakes” are            left, as they control rats and the people now know the benefits of having them around.

The Reptile Park, and it’s development of “Snake” as a Tourism Entrepreneur, is just a part of our policy of helping the communities in which we operate.

Have a look at his website and maybe try to fit in a visit when next up north:


3 thoughts on “Uganda Reptiles Village, Entebbe



  2. chs says:

    in july 2012 the animals were sick. I saw a poor Felix scared and wounded, a poor Potto and other monkeys without hiding place. the boys at the entrance scareds the animals with a bar for move them… the animals are captured from the wild… this is not conservation, this is a zoo, a circus. this is not education, it’s a business.

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