Sand Beach Resort, Lake Nabugabo

We set off west on the first leg of our journey to Lake Nabugabo just outside Masaka. Our lodgings were at the Sand Beach Resort which we found easily enough. The place was rural and quiet with nice views over the lake. Our cottages looked relatively new, indeed two more were being built. If this place is finished in accordance with the improvements it will form a very nice quiet place to rest up for a while before/after heading for the Parks of the West. Adequately signed from the main road a few Km before Masaka using the same road as for the Ferry to Ssese Islands. Food was adequate and simple. There are activities here but we simply went for walks and a boat trip on the Lake. Good birding with Forbes’s Plover (4th only record for Uganda) the star. The Mossie nets were unusual as they resembled Igloo Tent frames and sat nicely on the bed. Much better than the usual daft “Coronet/Tester” which simply are often too small to be of any use.

From here into Tanzania via Masaka and an excellent road south which we covered in two hours. By via Cyanika and we were concerned to see the changes for the worse in six years. Very overpopulated and crowded now. Much de-forestation too.

Fred Hogson


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