Kisoro & Lake Bunyonyi

Page 250 Nukuringo Safari Lodge. Not changed all that much since my first visit in 2003 when it was called Mgahinga SL.  There is a road/track off the hill now to the Lodge grounds. The ‘Tents’ have glass doors so appear lighter inside when closed off. Our Tent was on a slope so we had to arrange the Bed level with bricks. The Toilet flush was broken but fixable (By me.) Food was probably better than last time and the staff cheerful and friendly. They need to address one or two small issues but overall it was nice enough. However the downside is that the whole area has changed, for the worse, in seven years. Forests have been cleared and there is very little in the way of birds away from the Lodge grounds where Greater Sparrowhawks had reared young. I actually see little purpose in this Lodge now other than a place to rest away from Kisoro (30/40 mins of bad road away). It is too far from the Gorilla areas to be of real utility as very early starts would be needed and the roads are not as good as they used to be.

Page 258. I was going to update your box on Echuya Forest as I had Emmy Gongo along but massive road works prevented that. We did however ‘rescue’ a large Rwenzori Rhinoceros Chameleon that was trying to cross the busy Kabale-Kisoro Road. It was quite active and instead of posing on my hand it kept trying to run up my arm and sit on my shoulder.

We did stop at Muko Swamp Camp but again the road works intruded badly. This looked a nice stopover and worth a closer look..

We also did a side trip of 5 km or so between Muko and Ikumba junction  to Nyamuriro swamp in the hills to seek the Papyrus Canary. We failed in that but noticed some very odd looking Weavers that warrant a closer look. The closest match is Northern Masked but they do not occur in East Africa. We were offered some Crayfish from the River and bought a Creel full which I knew would come in handy for Dinner.

Fred Hodgson


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