Swamp Airboats on the Nile

Bahr el Jebel is the arabic name for the White Nile in Africa and also the name of a new safari company.

This unique safari company searches for wildlife by using high speed “Swamp Airboats” built for the everglades of Florida, USA.

From Lake Albert in Uganda to and into Southern Sudan there are no rapids on the bahr el jebel (White Nile or Albert Nile) making smooth running for the airboats.

Hippos, Crocs, fishermen in dug-out canoes, fishing villages, some of the greatest bird watching in the world, elephants on the river banks, all are viewed from the water on these safaris.

Safaris start at $940 usd per person departing from Entebbe Airport, Uganda

For more information see www.bahr-el-jebel-safaris.com


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