COVID-19 self-quarantine in Uganda

Travellers to Uganda have nothing specific to fear in terms of COVID-19 at the time of writing as not a single case of the virus has been reported there.

However, our understanding, subject to confirmation, is that in order to prevent the importation of the virus, travellers arriving from high risk ‘Category 1’ countries will now be compelled to undergo a mandatory 14-day period of self-quarantine at their own expense. Any traveller who refuses to self-quarantine for 14 days will be deported.

The 16 countries currently listed as category 1 are as follows: China, South Korea, Malaysia, Iran, USA, UK, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Austria, Italy, France, Germany, Spain and San Marino.

It is unclear for how long this restriction will apply and it seems likely that any other countries reporting a high infection rate will be added to the Category 1 list.

The full 5-page press release from the Ministry of Health dated 11/3/2020 can be found below; for the latest developments, check for newer press releases at

Update Corona 11th March 2_Page_1Update Corona 11th March 2_Page_2Update Corona 11th March 2_Page_3Update Corona 11th March 2_Page_4Update Corona 11th March 2_Page_5




2 thoughts on “COVID-19 self-quarantine in Uganda

  1. Akugizibwe says:

    Am called Stephen the Director of Greenleaf orchids and crater lakes exploration, western Uganda. My questions are can corona 19 servive in Africa? Or not can African Gens intercept the virus or not. Your idears

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