Go Swamp Walk & Vanilla Tours Community Project

Stephen Akugizibwe  writes:

We are 10 members from the crater lakes zones in Fort Portal trying to campaign for environmental conservation vis ecotourism. We have established an organization called Go Swamp Walk & Vanilla Tours, a community project located at Rwaihamba Trading Centre. This lies 22km from Fort Portal, taking the Kamwenge Road to Kasiisi Junction then forking right and driving for 10 minutes. Our environmental conservation education awareness program includes weekend environmental movies, primary/secondary school environmental education programs making research of rare species of plants and conserve them, and organizing activities for tourists. These include nature walks,  crater lakes exploration, village exploration, bird watching, swamp walks and cultural tours Call us at+2560778125903 or email us at goswampwalkandvanillatours@gmail.com for more details.


2 thoughts on “Go Swamp Walk & Vanilla Tours Community Project


    we are blessed to have such a wonderful community project which aims at giving clients a better service. come take a walk and discover the hidden treasures about go swamp walk and vanilla tours community project or donate some thing to save the future and our nature.

  2. Stefanie says:

    Dear Go swamp walk and vanilla tours tours community project
    when i came to your swamp it was so special and memorable en educative
    Stefanie and John

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