Fort Portal & Jinja trip report

Arie van Oosterwijk writes:

I visited Fort Portal last month and spent a month in Jinja teaching at the School for Ophthalmic Clinical Officers.

I enjoyed using the 7th edition of your guidebook, but a few comments.


Page 62. Piapiac.


Page 104. Binoculars with a large diameter front lens let in more light and are therefore better suited for night use. They do not necessarily have a greater field of vision.


Page 107. I have not come across an ATM that allows you to withdraw US$ 700 at a go. Maybe you meant Ush 700.000?


Page 140. KLM now has daily flights from Amsterdam to Entebbe via Kigali.


Page 195. Lake Victoria Hotel. Swimming is now Ush 20.000 for casual visitors. Even after having lunch there.


Page 196. Airport Guesthouse. E mail


Page 232. Lake View Regency Hotel has changed names once again. It is now Lake View Resort Hotel. E mail


Page 336. The Post Bus no longer runs between Kampala and Fort Portal.


Page 344. The map. 10 and 14 are in the wrong place. Ineke already informed you of this. Maybe the statue of Gerald Portal opposite 11 can be shown?


Page 345. Maybe mention health care in Fort Portal? The Alpine Clinic opposite Dutchess is supposedly OK.


Page 496. The map. Number 17 is on the East bank .


Page 503. The 2 Friends Bar and Restaurant is now called All Friends Bar and Restaurant. Not a friendly place, though. First your car is inspected, inside and out. Then you are frisked and entry is forbidden to those with a Swiss army knife. I turned around and had my lunch elsewhere.


Page 504. Moti Mahal is not on the map. It is in C3, between Ripon and Clive, not in C4 as stated on page 505. Boston, on Main Street, is now called The Pearl. Fabio bicycle shop is opposite Spot 6. From North to South, you have Babez, Urbanspoon (this used to be called La Petite Source), Suzies and finally the Post Office.


Page 505. Mezzanine served burgers and pizza only. The New Welcome Restaurant is still a filling station. It smells of petrol and can be omitted. Rumours is in D6.


Page 524. Nakalanga. It was spelled correctly in earlier editions.



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