Overnight adventure at Lake Chahafi (Kisoro)

Nelson of Lake Chahafi Resort writes:

This is to inform adventure travellers that have we launched an new excursion around Lake Chahafi called Africa Night. It is a four to five hour trail that includes the following: a visit to the summit of Murora Hill (formerly an outpost for the Anglo Belgians), boundary pillar separating Uganda & Rwanda, hiking around the twin crater lakes, and looking for swamp endemics. Finally trekkers are welcomed by local dancers to the spacious gardens of Lake Chahafi Resort for an evening campfire and an overnight in our beautiful dormitory with a patio.

For more information contact Lake Chahafi Resort on info@lakechahafire sort.com, or visit http://www.lakechahafiresort.com


One thought on “Overnight adventure at Lake Chahafi (Kisoro)

  1. Michael Sseremba says:

    Woow woow I persanally attended the launch of Africa night organised by Lake Chahafi Resort , and it was all fun. Guys, if you happen to take the western route up to Kabale please add an extra day and reach Kisoro, and visit Lake chahafi. First of all, the terrain its self is amazing,it is breath taking: moving around those hills, viewing the Bunyonyi lakes and its features. Ooo the Bird watching, so many species of birds are actually in that corner of uganda. We visited the Rwanda Uganda border pillar it is interesting that apart from the pillar there is no other indication that you are either in Uganda or Rwanda, actually we saw a little girl from Rwanda who was fetching water in Uganda, the traditional dance by the women who welcomed us from the trek in the resort’s gardens, was so captivating and not forgetting watching clouds hovering around the Muhavura peak.After the trek relaxing at the camp fire listening to traditional recitations of Bafumbira (poems),relieves you of all the stress and exhausion.

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