Bujagali Falls and rafting updates

On 28th February, 2011, Bujagali Falls and Silverback rapids were closed to rafting as the next phase of contruction on the new hydropower dam begins across Silverback. The three rafting companies will now launch  their boats on the west side of the Nile at new sites near The Haven  lodge and land further downstream than before, close to the Hairy Lemon Island camp.

Nile River Camp

This new facility is located at Bujagali Falls next to the Nile Porch lodge.  It’s more family oriented than the nearby Explorers Camp where parents with kids can be put off by the lively cocktail of post-rafting high and alcohol.

Zen tubing

The latest thing on the river at Bujagali is tubing in the river below the Explorers Camp; you paddle a baby raft with your hands down some medium grade rapids. It’s basically one-person rafting with the important difference that you flip more often. I think I hold a record in this respect. Management refutes my insistence that my tube was filled with the wrong type of air. US$30 gets you an undersized raft thing to fall out off for 90 minute and escorting kayakers to make wisecracks and help you back into the things. The general consensus seems to be that it’s great fun.

Andrew Roberts



One thought on “Bujagali Falls and rafting updates

  1. Oshun says:

    I was in Jinja at the Explorers camp on the last day of rafting from Bujagali Falls (by sheer coincidence) and had a chance to share this special day.It was great fun just to look on and take a ton of pictures. Our 11 years old son had a blast in this festive atmosphere.
    While it is true that the camp can be noisy at times (and surely was that night), the accomodation is quite nice (kind of upscale basic camping), affordable at a set price 30 $ for 2 beds (that can be put side by side for a large family bed) and the staff extremely helpful and nice to kids.
    If you take your meals at the nearby Nile Porch(which we did as much quieter), there is also the option of accessing the swimming pool if not busy, as staff there is also very nice.

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