Lake Nkuruba

I have recently returned to England after spending 6 months in Fort Portal Uganda working for a reputable volunteering organisation. If you are travelling to this lovely part of the world and heading for Lake Nkuruba Nature Reserve campsite please ensure you end up at the correct campsite. There are two campsites with a similar name Nknuruba, and Nkuruba Enfuzi. The later one I definitely would not recommend for many reasons, one of the main ones being that the ‘Pastor’ (note the inverted commers) proclaims to give the proceeds to the orphanage……Don’t you believe it !!
The ‘Pastor’ Bosco who runs the Enfuzi campsite pays the taxis (bribe) in Fort Portal to take visitors whom are heading to Nkuruba campsite to divert to his site.
If you are heading to Nkuruba nature reserve to ensure you get there make sure you are taken to the one and only entrance through the BLUE and YELLOW gates. This entrance is a few metres prior (coming along the road direct from Fort Portal) to the Nkuruba Enfuzi campsite, although if you point out the BLUE and YELLOW gates to the taxi driver he may say ‘ I’m taking you in the other entrance’ THERE IS NO OTHER ENTRANCE Nkuruba nature reserve only has one entrance and that is through the BLUE and YELLOW GATES.
When you arrive ask for Adalyne (who is always there) or Patrick who works there.
I have known people be taken to Enfuzi campsite ask for Adalyne only to be told she is away in Kampala!! You can ring Adalyne on 0773266067

Some wonderful walks in this area, one of the loveliest spots in Uganda, and not too far to Kibale National Park.

Happy travels!

Olwen Wyness 4/4/2009


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