Mount Elgon and Kibale Forest

Jan & Mark write:
We are working our way through Uganda with the help of your guide book and loving it.
Just thought you would like to know that the road from Kenya into Uganda from the Suam border crossing on Mount Elgon is currently horrendous. The Chinese are working in it but as a consequence it is often just a steep mud slide and definitely to be avoided after any rain. We pulled ourselves out four times on the journey and rescued three vehicles, including one carrying a Chinese chap! All done with great good humoured help of course but it was a very long muddy day. Unless people are real off-road enthusiasts suggest going the other way.
Also the Primate Lodge, Kibale Forest, has closed its camping site, the staff were not sure for how long. But the Chimpanzee Forest Lodge just on the edge of the Forest, and set around the District Commissioners old house and tea plantation, has a great campsite with showers, loos, including access to a flushing one, and even a thatched furnished hut for shelter.


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