New book (plus downloadable app and maps) detailing Historical Sites and Buildings in Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe

Verity Ramsden writes:

I have been working on a very exciting project with the Cross-Cultural Foundation of Uganda (CCFU) and the EU, and the outputs were launched earlier in May 2019.

These includes a beautiful coffee table book – ‘Beyond the Reeds and Bricks – Historical Sites and Buildings in Kampala, Jinja and Entebbe’, containing over 150 pages of glossy photos and an interesting narrative taking the reader through the history and development of these Ugandan cities. This is going to be available in various bookshops, priced at around 150,000 UGX. Let me know if you’d like to see a copy.

Then there are two free outputs:

Firstly, a set of three maps – one for each city. They contain a selection of notable historical buildings and sites, marked on a map, along with photos and facts about each, and an overview of the city in question’s history. There are hard copies, which we will be distributing, and also PDFs available to download online.

Finally, a mobile phone app, available on iOS or Android. It’s called ‘Uganda’s Built Heritage’, and it’s a really fun way to discover more about the history surrounding us as we walk down the street. It includes the ability to plan routes, save and share favourite buildings, find out visitor information, and get notifications when you pass notable sites and buildings.

All these outputs have been produced and printed/created here in Uganda, using photos and research by Ugandan photographers and historians, trained up as part of the project. We really want to spread the word to get more people using the maps and app, and hopefully also buying the book (although we envisage slightly different markets for each of the outputs).

More information, and links to download the app and PDFs of the maps, are available at


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