Camping/self-drive in Murchison Falls

David writes:

We just are back from the MFNP (self drive / no guide) and I would have the following comments:
– the prices for the ‘special’ campsite in the Delta is now 40 USD per person, instead of only 5 USD
– there are two campsites at the Delta, not only one. These are located north and south of Delta Point. The northern is 1 minute drive from the toilet place (the place where safari tours stop for lunch break). We stayed at the delta with a ranger and went that night GAME driving (while ranger stayed at camp and prepared fire) and went only back to our camp after the sun was set (the ranger told us we could be back to the campsite whenever we want). We had a great GAME driving. We enjoyed the sunset with a bunch of 9 lions lying directly next to our car. If you stay at the Delta you have the entire Delta for yourself in the morning and at night. That is fantastic and in my opinion the best thing you can do in the MFNP. From the above mentioned toilet place we saw lions passing by to the water early in the morning. Later when all the tourist reached that place all lions were gone and none of those tourist saw them (it just takes to much time to cross the Nile and reach the Delta).
– there is also a cheaper ‘public’ campsite close to the ferry landing at the north bank; this one is not mentioned in the book. Since most of the accommodation listed in the book is south of the nile, I think it would be good to have the complete list of accommodation in the north, since starting GAME drive from the north is a million times better… especially starting it from the Delta.
– we did not read the book carefulkl enough and thought that the short trail to the Murchison Falls begins at the Top of Murchison Falls campsite and not at the car park, as it is written in the book. So we walked from the campsite and looked for a path. Since there was no obvious path we were walking on something that later turned out to be an hippo trail. Walking that trail let to an encounter with a surprised hippo (only 1-2 meter between the hippo and us; luckily we were not between the water and the hippo and there was no baby hippo). We did not expect hippos at these rather wild waters and were quite surprised. With that experience we were also quite surprised that it is written in the book that the waters at the campsite are “reputedly safe for swimming”. I mean, can they be safe if there are hippos?


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