Supermarket on the Kampala-Gulu Road

Cameron writes:

We were travelling up the Kampala-Gulu Road this morning and stopped at the Kabalega Diner for a coffee. We spotted a new building next door and went in to discover a very well-stocked supermarket (for Uganda). Whilst picking up stores for the next leg of our road trip, the enthusiastic and effervescent owner, Isaack, came out and introduced himself and insisted in giving us a tour of his new establishment which has been open since December. A sign will be going up soon advertising the stop as Tindy Avenue. Principally a stop for buses, he also has a restaurant and sells takeout snacks like samosas. Before telling us about his plans for a petrol station he gave us a guided tour of his extensive and clean toilets. A lovely man, he deserves to do well. His number is 0702301267.



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