Kampala restaurants

Joseph writes:

Kyandondo Rugby Club has the best grilled pork (Muchomo Embizi) anywhere in Kampala and perhaps Uganda. I have tried many and this one has the right seasonings & it is not overcooked like so much of the meat in Uganda- it is always juicy and always fresh and plentiful. $5,000 per stick. There is also a full bar and active after work social scene and if lucky you’ll have a back drop setting of the Kyandondo Rugby Club game or practice. Great Food – Great Setting.
Khana Khazana – Indian Cuisine on Acacia Road in Kampala. I lived in San Francisco for 10 years where there was world class Indian/Pakastani food in every neighborhood. This restaurant may be the best Indian Food I’ve ever had, but warning – the chili is hot! https://website-538697705033037127139-indianrestaurant.business.site/


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