No activity fee charged at Sempaya Hot Springs, Semliki National Park

The Uganda Wildlife Authority today announced the good news that it will no longer charge an activity fee for the guided nature walk to Sempaya Hot Springs in Semuliki National Park.

The only fee that will be levied for the guided hike to the springs is the entrance fee, which currently stands at US$35 for foreign non-residents, US$25 for foreign residents, or UGX 15,000 for nationals.

The UWA Executive Director Sam Mwandha announced: “This measure will greatly improve the visitor experience in the park. We hope even  nationals will now find it more convenient and exciting to visit the park since they will no longer be required to pay separately to view the hot springs”.

Note that other activities such birding and nature walks will be paid for as per the Uganda Wildlife Authority tariff list


One thought on “No activity fee charged at Sempaya Hot Springs, Semliki National Park

  1. Fred Hodgson says:

    Good news indeed. Semliki has been disappointing in the past and still is to some extent due to lack of accommodation. At least reducing one fee will ease the pain. Avoid Thursdays as this is when the locals are allowed in to remove ‘dead timber’. I assume the prevalence of the noise of axes is them chopping dead wood to size. Needs control which is lacking.

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