Off-the-beaten-track in the Rwenzori region

Thanks to Jozef Serneels for the following alluring travel ideas:

Biglad farm, tel 0772 665633, 8 km from Fort Portal, along the Kamwenge road. Tour of a pleasantly green working family farm managed on ecological principles. A boda costs about 5,000 shilling. A tour by the son of the owner costs 20,000 shilling.

Mubuku irrigation scheme: Mubuku is on of the largest irrigation schemes in the country. Started in the 1960s, it ran into difficulties and collapsed. It has been rehabilitated. It is managed by the 150-member Abasaija Kweyamba Mubuku Farming Cooperative Society. They are producing these days seed for seed processing companies, like Fica and Naseco, where they produce for them rice, maize and vegetable seeds, aside from fruits like mangoes and guava’s. Every farmer owns eight acres of land. It takes water from Mubuku river flowing from the Rwenzori mountains into the plains on 1200 acres area. Managed by a cooperative of the owners. Welcomes visitors for a nominal fee with guides on site (5000 shilling). GPS 0.239123, 30.122494 8.6 km from Kasese along the main road. There is a signboard. They have an agro tourism office. It is a popular destination for school study trips. Contact Wilber at the Agrotourism office at tel 0784010221 Go in the morning on a bright day. If going by car or if you can convince your guide to walk along the eastern roads in the scheme, there are amazing views to have of the upper parts of the Rwenzori Mountains.

Kilembe town: rambling through the floods destroyed former mining town can be a very interesting afternoon giving a feel of early post-colonial industrial development and reflection on the force of nature gone wild.

hike to Mahango town Start on the Wesern side of Kasese town at GPS point 0.173804, 30.068328 Follow the steep foot trail on the spur up the mountains. The trail is used by lots of people coming down the mountains to Kasese town. If lost ask for Mahango (trading center). Fine views to be had over the plains and of the mountains themselves. It is possible to continue hiking to Kyondo subcounty and from there get back a taxi back to Kasese town, along the plains, but then it will be a very long day.

Kicwamba: Mpora Family run a vulnerable children home in Kicwamba town at the foot of the Rwenzori, approx 2 km off the road from Fort Portal to Bundibugyo. They provide primary and secondary education in their own schools. Teenage residents act as guides on the mountains. There is accommodation. Contact Linda 0754009801 GPS 0.718515, 30.192158


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