Day hikes in and around Fort Portal

Many thanks to Jozef Serneels for permission to include this trio of day hikes in and around Fort Portal on our update website as downloadable PDFs, complete with maps. Hard copies of each hike are available at Rwenzori View Guesthouse and at Masai Backpacker Villa and Guesthouse.

The Fort Portal City Walk is a 9.3 km walk designed to show visitors different facets of Fort Portal, and it takes in a total of 30 sites, ranging from recognised historical features to places reflecting as well as informal town life. If you limit yourself to walking, 4 hours will be sufficient, but if you explore every location, 8 hours might not be enough. See also!AigjplDymvKTgVt5B0YLRxmw-ptZ

The Fort Portal Circular Hike is a longer (12.6km) and more scenic hike that encircles the town and should take around 3-4 hours at a relaxed pace. See also!AigjplDymvKTgVowqnALAQqNWiUV

The Fort Portal to Kyaninga Hike is an 8.6km hike that runs from the entrance of the Mountains of the Moon Hotel to the scenic Kyaninga Crater Lake, with a side tour to some nearby smaller dry craters. Allow for 2 hours and 45 minutes without long interruptions or breaks. People that are unsure on their feet might benefit from a walking stick. See also!AigjplDymvKTgVmWyTgYUsTQAzW5


2 thoughts on “Day hikes in and around Fort Portal

  1. catherine says:

    Really informative, thank you very much! I have already spent quite a bit of time in the area but I am definitely saving your walk suggestions for my next visit.

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